Lowell Berry Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we apply for a grant?

Please see our Process in this website.

2. Can I meet or talk with someone from the Foundation’s office?

You can call our office at anytime with questions. We do not have the staff for personal meetings.

3. Is a letter of interest required in advance of submitting a written proposal?

We do not require a Letter of Interest prior to submission of a proposal however if you prefer to submit an LOI you are welcome to do so.

4. Must a written proposal contain a required number of pages either minimum or maximum?


5. Can I email my evaluation or proposal?

Yes, you may email your evaluation or proposal to info@lowellberryfoundation.org.

6. Are there any limitations in your grant making?

Proposals from first time grant seekers are restricted to the California Counties of Contra Costa and Alameda. And, we do not fund individuals nor do we fund capital projects and equipment.

7. Are there specific deadline dates for submission of a written proposal?

No. Each committee meets at a minimum of once a quarter. You may call our office with regard to an upcoming date for a committee meeting.

8. What is the appropriate time to follow up on the submission of a written proposal?

You may call at any time to inquire about the status of your proposal; however, know that all written proposals will be acknowledged with a call upon receipt of the proposal and a letter regarding the committee's decision.

9. If my organization received a grant from the Foundation recently, how long must we wait before submitting another proposal?

You may submit another proposal one year from the date of your previous grant award. Know that your Grant Evaluation Form for your previous grant must have been received by the Foundation prior to our review of your new proposal.